Al Muhandas Corporation


Al-Muhandus Corporation is a mining company, focused on rock salt exploration and production in Qaidabad District, Khushab - Pakistan. The company has lease area of 500 acres of rock salt mine with approx. 9.03 million tons of reserve.

The company is proud of having professionally qualified, experienced and highly motivated personnel within their team. In terms of technology and exploration techniques, the management is always committed to replace it with advanced technology.

Whilst catering the local needs, the company has been exporting best quality of rock salt to the various countries, thereby earning a great deal of foreign exchange for Pakistan.
Currently, we are contributing largely to meet the domestic and export needs of rock salt for both individual and industrial customers


Our long term goal is to become a leading, sustainable and efficient rock salt producer. In a low price environment, we will achieve this through creating value for our customers by minimizing risks related to exploration, mining, and processing of our mineral resources and increasing efficiency. Our primary focus is on rock salt production in Pakistan but we may diversify into other minerals and countries over time.


The growth and sustainability of the Company will rely on: 1) in the short term, a focus on reducing costs and increasing production of our existing assets to full capacity; 2) in the medium term, continuing exploration at our existing properties to expand resources, extend mine lives, and construct and place new mines into production; and 3) in the medium to long term position Al- Muhandaus as a consolidation vehicle for Pakistan rock salt assets.


  • Piece Grade Salt - huge sizes (for Salt Crafts, Edible and Export purposes).
  • A Grade Salt - small sizes (for Salt Crafts, Edible and Export purposes).
  • Khallar Salt (for Industrial purposes).
  • Industrial Salt (for Industrial purposes).