Ghani Food Industries


Ghani Foods Industries (Pvt.) Limited is one of the prestigious company with state-of-the-Art processing (imported) plant at the mining site at Quaidabad Distt. Khushab. Processing includes grinding, refining, crafting and packing of the Rock Salt. As the bulk of Group’s mining activity takes place in Quaidabad, the Group’s control over rock salt supply and abundant underground rock salt reserve, Ghani Food Industries (Pvt.) Limited enjoys a unique resource and location advantage.

The Plant has 10 metric tons per hour production capacity and is catering the domestic and export requirements of Table Salt, Edible Salt, Iodized/non Iodized, Deicing Salt and Industrial salt in Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Ghani Food Industries (Pvt.) Limited was incorporated on 2012 as a private limited company with mandate to manufacture and trade iodized salt, trade pulses, grains, sugar and other food products. Ghani Food Industries (Pvt.) Limited is an evolving salt industry enterprise that integrates research, production, distribution and sale of different types of salt and its products.


To set the Standard for Excellence in Salt Processing.


  • to offer the best service and excellent quality.
  • to be the preferred supplier for our customers Nationally and Internationally.
  • to further develop our market positions through innovative products and services.
  • to grow into new market regions and enhance synergies, and
  • to be the most sustainable salt producer in Pakistan.


  • Edible Grade Salt (Food Grade).
  • Iodised Salt.
  • Animal Lick Salt.
  • Salt Crafting.
  • Rock Salt Tiles.