Mr. Hafiz Avais Ghani is the part of second generation of the family that has built on the Group’s strong foundations to achieve unprecedented growth through product innovation, operational improvements and industry diversification.

He brings to the Group experience of Telecom, IT, glass & ceramics, mining, feed manufacturing & food processing and commodities trading and investment management. If his father, Mr. Aitzaz Ahmed Khan is credited for the vision that is nowadays’ Ghani Group, Mr. Hafiz Avais Ghani is undoubtedly the executioner that has turned that vision into reality.
He formally joined the Group in 1999 after completion of his education from USA.

After gaining the diverse experience of different areas of business, he became the Chief Executive of various companies in 2007 that come under the umbrella of Ghani Group. Under his strategic leadership, the group is growing and venturing into diverse industries.

On personal level as well, Mr. Hafiz Avais Ghani embodies the vision of professional and ethical excellence showing how businessmen can achieve worldly welfare within the boundaries defined by God Almighty. He is also listed amongst the top-tax paying individuals of the country. His philanthropic activities are numerous and mostly private in the areas of social welfare, education etc. He is a passionate supporter of human rights and inter-faith harmony between different religions.

Mr. Hafiz Avais Ghani believes that as a responsible citizen and a good Muslim blessed with resources, it is his responsibility to work to increase economic activity in Pakistan while contributing to the education and social sector development of the country as well. He is therefore, always on a look out for investment opportunities and ventures in the private as well as public sector.